MatFuel was created to help you get the most out of your time on the mats. Here is the quick story of how it helped me, and why I know it can help you too!

I've always loved martial arts and fought professional MMA from 2009-2011. I ended up quitting, in large part because I dealt with extreme fatigue. While training I would have to sleep about 12 hours per day, but even without training it was hard to get out of bed.

I wasn't depressed, I was just tired! I later learned that my fatigue mostly came from problems with my thyroid. So I lived off coffee and energy drinks, but they only helped so much. Without them I could barely stay awake. 

Over the next few years I got married and had 4 kids. I barely had enough energy to get through work, so I wanted to give everything I had left after that to my family. But most nights I would just fall asleep on the couch while my wife took care of the kids playing around me.

One day I realized I hadn't trained for 10 years. 

That's when I returned to BJJ, but I knew I had to do something to deal with the fatigue I experienced, both on the mats and off. I began testing dozens of different supplements. The things that worked, I kept taking, but I quit taking the things that didn't help. 

One of the first things I found that actually helped was TMG. It's common in pre-workout supplements, but usually in very high doses. With some study and self-testing, I learned that high doses are often worse than having nothing at all. More is not always better! In fact, it makes you feel terrible.

As I continued to test ingredients, I found each of the six key ingredients that are in MatFuel, and I found amounts that kept me feeling great. I now take it everyday, whether I train or not.

When training, it helps me feel motivated, energized and keeps me from getting drained during hard rounds. In fact, I usually jump up with a smile on my face after the toughest rounds. It helps me train harder, longer and have more fun doing it... even at 37 years old.

But just as importantly to me, it helps me stay energized throughout my day, without affecting my sleep at night. I can train hard everyday, and still have plenty of energy to spend real quality time with my wife and kids.

I hope you love MatFuel as much as I do, and that it makes your time on the mats that much more productive and enjoyable.... and that Jiu Jitsu and MatFuel continue to shape your whole life in the best possible way.