Cardio is King Course & Ebook

One of the things that brought me back to Jiu Jitsu after taking 10 years away is that even older people could compete. I love competition. That's what got me into MMA in my early 20s and it's what brought me back to BJJ at 36 years old.

But when I started back, I quickly realized that my body didn't function like it did 10 years before. Stuff hurt all the time. I was sore. I didn't move as fast as before. And I got tired very quickly.

But within a few months I was back in fighting shape. I could out-cardio even the 20 year olds.

It's easy to just blame our age or genetics, but there are real solutions to greatly increase our cardio. I found a few things that work really well for me, and I'm still working on improving it now! But today I'm going to share what I know works... So you can boost your own cardio fast!

Method 1: Stop Cheating Yourself

Before you start doing sprints, HIIT cardio, running marathons, or more... try this. Very few do this and it's the fastest way to increase your cardio.

When rolling at your local gym, don't slack. You're only cheating yourself. Don't take long breaks during rolling, skip rounds, or look for easy "recovery" rounds. It's not just me saying it either. I've found videos of many top competitors saying the exact same thing.

Watch the video below to hear Bernardo Faria talk about this subject.

Method 2: Just Breathe

Cardio is King because even if you are strong, fast,skillful, and more, when you really gas out, youcan't do anything.

But did you know that there is a common, really bad habit that absolutely destroys cardio? Yup, it's holding your breath. You might have great cardio, but when you feel threatened or when you are in a competition, it may be that you are subconsciously holding your breath.

Read THIS ARTICLE from Stephan Kesting about how one of his students struggled with this, and overcame it. This could be an easy fix!

Next, watch the video below from Hickson Gracie talking about the importance of breathing correctly in BJJ. 

Then do THIS EXERCISE to improve your diaphragmatic breathing.

Method 3: Eat Better Food

Do you sometimes feel like you have great cardio, and other times not at all? Diet is one area that I have almost ignored my whole life, but I am now focusing on. But those who focus on it say that it is the most important aspect of how they feel.

Check out this video from the Chewjitsu youtube channel where he talks about how he has improved his own diet with a nutrition coach. 

Then put it into practice by following his approach:

1. Make your diet consistent
2. Eliminate or reduce the stuff you know is bad
3. Experiment with your food by adding and removing things one at a time and see what makes a difference.
4. Keep what's good, remove what's bad.
5. Repeat the process!

Method 4: Use Effective Supplements

There is no question that there are vitamins, herbs and other compounds that are on this earth can boost athletic performance. You just have to find what works for you.

Competitors in every sport use them, and many even go for illegal substances that are harmful and so powerful that it's not even a fair competition. BJJ is no exception at all.

You can watch THIS VIDEO from Coach Tom Daveyas he explains his own regimen for supplements.

We all know it's important to train regularly, whether we feel like it or not. But it's also important to understand that if you show up for class energized and ready to go, you'll be more engaged, waste less time, and work hard. That will turn into better cardio, and a better game.

That's why I created MatFuel... I wanted to get more out of my time on the mats. If I'm going to train, I want to get everything I can out of that time!

So after testing dozens of supplements, I eventually found the MatFuel formula. It is my #1 key to staying motivated, energized and keeping me from gassing out in the hard rounds.

In fact, I usually jump up with a smile on my face after the toughest rounds. It helps me train harder, longer and have more fun doing it...

Have you tried MatFuel yet? If not, click below to get a free bottle, just cover S&H.