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Could your Jiu Jitsu use a Cardio Kickstart?

If you're like me, or anyone who ever trained BJJ, you've gassed out during a roll. It really sucks when that happens during a competition!

But even just in training, you don't want to be the guy that gets tired and just quits. Or that just holds on for dear life trying to make it through the end of the round... Just hoping you don't get passed, because you know if that happens you're dead.

Imagine being able to take advantage of your tired opponent because you have plenty left in the tank, instead of the other way around!

Whether you already feel like a cardio king or like you might go into cardiac arrest when rolling, this BJJ Cardio Kickstart bundle can help you level your cardio and surprise your training partners. Check it out below.

No subscription. This is a one-time offer. 

Here's everything you get for $25 today:

  • MatFuel Pre-workout for BJJ: You'll receive 100 capsules of MatFuel. Take 3-5 capsules about 1 hour before training and you'll feel the difference. If you would normally gas out halfway through a round, you'll find yourself finishing it strong without a struggle. If you normally have better cardio than others, you'll feel like doing cartwheels to pass the guard. You can read more about the ingredients and details further down on this page.
    ($40 value)
  • "Cardio is King" Ebook: There is more than one way to build your cardio. This ebook explains 5 simple ways to build cardio WITHOUT running or spending any additional time outside of your normal training. This ebook contains instruction from elite black belts, wrestlers, and other pros on how to build your cardio without doing "cardio." You'll be surprised at how simple and effective these tips are.
    ($10 value)
  • A $10 Gift Card for your next purchase ($10 value)


TODAY: $25

I'm convinced you will love MatFuel and want to come back for more because it helps so much! (But there's no obligation and NO SUBSCRIPTION - I'm just telling you why I do this).

Click the button below to kickstart your BJJ cardio for just $25. Be sure the discount code "KICKSTART" is added to receive the discounted price!

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Formulated by Nick Blanton

After retiring from pro MMA at 26, I took a 10 year break from BJJ. By the end of that time, my body was in the worst shape of my life, but I was ready to make my comeback. I knew I had to do something to deal with the fatigue I experienced, both on and off the mats. Fortunately, I worked for a very innovative supplement company, and with the help of their product formulator, I began testing dozens of herbs, minerals, and more... specifically to give me better endurance for BJJ. After over a year of testing, I found an amazing combination that I take every day to help me get the most out of training. I went from struggling to get 3 to 4 training sessions in per week to easily training 7 times while lifting and running daily. MatFuel helped me to compete at 12 tournaments in 2022 and even take gold medals in the adults division instead of masters although I am 38 years old. I am proof that MatFuel works!

More about MatFuel

Energy & Endurance supplement created for Jiu Jitsu and other combat sport practitioners.

Pre-workouts are almost all designed to give you a huge boost of energy for a short term expenditure, like weight lifting. If you've ever tried one before Jiu Jitsu, you may have noticed an upset stomach, dizziness, and that jittery feeling.

MatFuel is made with unique ingredients for ENDURANCE and BRAIN FUNCTION, not "pump" and "power." You can feel great taking it every day, which is NOT the case with other pre-workouts. With MatFuel you will be able to train more often, for longer periods of time, while going harder than you are used to. 

You will notice:
- Increased endurance
- Decreased perceived level of exertion (doesn't feel like you're trying hard)
- Ability to roll harder and faster
- Clearer thinking and better decision-making
- Girls like you more
- Ok, maybe not the last one.

What's inside MatFuel?

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a powerful amino acid for increasing muscle endurance. Studies show that beta-alanine helps increase your time to exhaustion (TTE). It enables us to train harder and longer while feeling less fatigued. It may also help reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles and aid recovery after strenuous workouts.

It can cause a sensation called paraesthesia, often described as “tingling of the skin.” It’s usually experienced in the face, neck and the back of the hands within 15 minutes of taking it. This is NOT harmful at all, but it's a good indicator that it's working!

Betaine Anhydrous (TMG)

TMG is another amino acid that is very unique because it helps with a process called methylation. When your body does not properly methylate, you feel it! Symptoms are things like chronic fatigue, low energy, brain fog, memory issues, and so much more. Introducing TMG can make a huge difference right away!

The first time I took it, I went for a 7 mile run. I would normally take about 11 minutes per mile to do the run... not too impressive. But that day I shattered all of my best times per mile AND for ran the entire run 14 minutes faster than my previous best. The effects did not remain as extreme after a few weeks, but it's definitely a difference-maker. You'll notice it in your Jiu Jitsu game too!

Caution: Many pre-workouts contain far too much TMG! This causes over-methylation, which can be worse than under-methylating. This is a big reason many feel "cracked-out" and even angry after taking pre-workouts, and then not being able to sleep late into the night. MatFuel contains just the right amount for most people, so that you feel energized and maintain a great mood.


Taurine is a unique compound that calms your nerves and stimulates your mind! This combination helps you to make better decisions and keep focused. Some MatFuel fans have reported that instead of being corrected by their coach 100 times, they are able to see new techniques or opportunities during a roll in real time. You might blame Taurine for this. It might be what you need to tame that inner spazz! 

Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine)

Guarana, which comes from a shrub native to Brazil, has been used in food and drinks for hundreds of years for their many health benefits... but also because it contains caffeine! As we all know, caffeine is important for greater attentiveness and improved mood, as well as many other benefits. Many MatFuel fans cut back on their coffee or substitute it completely with MatFuel without any side effects at all. 

Rhodiola Extract (3% Salidroside)

Rhodiola is proven through many experiments to significantly lower the rate of perceived exertion that athletes have during an endurance workout. That means they like they weren't trying as hard to do the same thing they would do without Rhodiola, even though they had the same energy expenditure. This will become important when you're dealing with the super fast cardio guys that you can't hold down! Besides reducing perceived fatigue, it's also known for improving cognition and reducing markers of physiological and psychological stress.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is useful to help maintain a healthy mood and contribute to a calm overall well-being. That's important when someone has you in a rear naked choke and you are waiting for them to blow their grips out. It's also known for boosting testosterone levels, improving endurance, strength and recovery.